Resources – Some SEO Knowledge

So, you’ve already started to learn a bit about SEO. You understand the basics of how search engines rank pages and the factors they look for like: in-depth content, quick loading pages, good visitor response signals (low bounce rate, long amount of time on pages, etc.), and topic clusters.

The resources here are intended to help you learn how to work these basics into your content creation process. Improving your ability to copywrite for consumers while also pleasing search engines is a process, but it is critical to keep practicing and trying to improve at both.

In addition to learning how to apply Search Engine Optimization processes to your website pages, there are some resources here to help you understand some of the more advanced technical topics. Some of the factors that play into SERP rankings include things like page length, keyword density (they don’t like it too dense with repetitive keywords), semantic keyword variations and natural language related phrases, and how to keep up with new changes to search engine algorithms.